Patra TV was a local television station in the city of Patras, Greece. Its headquarters was in Patras. It offered movies as well as local programs, Greek programs and English language programs.

Logo and sloganEdit

Its logo was only written in the Greek Alphabet. Later, the logo was changed and is in the Latin alphabet.


The channel contained entertaining and informative shows that brought it first into viewing. There were also a number of employees' strings on the channel and a lot of strike. The channel had collaborated with the MAD TV channel in Attica. In 2012, with the cessation of his broadcast, the collaboration was resolved and the MAD moved to the HFL of Ilia, which also broadcasts in Achaia.

From the channel were the reporters Takis Konstantinopoulos, Konstantinos Flames, Achilleas Roditis, Philippos Andreopoulos, Penny Makri, Nikos Xanalatos, Roula Stiga, Yiannis Georgopoulos. On Clean Monday 2009, Flame & Rodi, the twin brother, transcribes a bomb for local television charts, from Super B to Patra TV, as both journalists have had a television shelf there for at least 15 years. Also after this move, other journalists and presenters of the Saint Andrew's channel left for the national road such as Maria Andrielou, Penny Macri and Evi Hashura.

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